How To Get Free Crypto


How To Get Free Crypto


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Crypto is on the rise! People every day are making huge gains with this new currency. Many new people wonder how they, too, can get in and make huge gains, and most others are wondering what the heck crypto even is.

I am here today to clear the air and give you an idea of what cryptocurrency is and how you can get your feet wet by getting free crypto. Before I tell you how you can get free crypto, I want to give you some education on what cryptocurrency is and why It is good.

What is Crypto


What is a cryptocurrency or crypto for short?

Crypto is a digital currency. I want to say that it’s new, but it has been around for eleven years now. It all started with Bitcoin. It was invented by someone called Satoshi Nakamoto. He had a vision of an advanced society, one where people controlled their own money and were able to create their own wealth. Become their own bank. So he created Bitcoin in hopes that one-day digital currency would take over and provide an excellent economy around the globe.

With crypto, comes what is known as a blockchain. A blockchain best described is a row of blocks that contain information. You can store all types of information on those blocks. Every blockchain is coded differently to hold different data.

More blocks can be added to the blockchain by mining. Each block contains coins as a reward for unlocking the next block. Coins are referred to as cryptocurrency. Each blockchain only has a certain amount of blocks that it can allow in its chain.

What is a miner, and how does it produce more coins?

There is a password for each block, and that password is found by solving a math equation. This math equation is so complicated that only a computer can figure it out. A miner (a problem-solving computer) needs to run for more blocks to be unlocked. Since a computer has to be hooked up to electricity and is an expense, there needs to be a reward for people who want to mine the blocks. This is where crypto comes from.

Each block that unlocks holds a certain amount of cryptocurrency to reward the miner for solving the math equation. That crypto can now be exchanged for money or traded for goods and services. Once the block is emptied of its crypto, the block can now store information on it. The data could be anything (depending on the company).

There are about 4000 different cryptocurrencies out there, but not all of them contain a blockchain.

(it will start to get confusing the more that I get into this)

If you want to know more about crypto, I will have an article about what crypto is. You will see a link here once I write it.

I hope that helped you understand what crypto is “in an easy to understand way”. When you first read about crypto, there is a lot of jargon that only a computer wizard would be able to understand. I have been in the crypto space for about 4 years, and this is the best way to describe what a blockchain is and what crypto is.

Now on with the fun stuff

Maybe you want to invest your money into crypto now that you know what it is? or maybe you still don’t quite understand it, but you know that digital currency can be a good thing, so you want to know how to get crypto for free.

I will tell you how you can get free crypto, and if you keep reading, I will give you several ways to create crypto so that you can use it to purchase goods and services or trade it for real money.

How To Get Free Crypto?Mine crypto


There are many ways of getting free crypto.

  • Mining it from your phone
  • Using a browser when you search on the internet
  • Airdrops
  • Interest from staking (saving) crypto

Pi Network – Free Crypto

Pi network

The first way I want to tell you about is The Pi Network. This is an app that you can download onto your cell phone through the apple store or google play. This is a completely free app, and you open it once per day to click a button to tell the app to mine coins.

Pi network mining is done through cloud mining and, therefore, will not cost you any data or drain the battery on your phone. You do need to be connected to the internet, however.

Every day you can earn Pi by going into the app and pressing the lightning bolt icon. It will mine a minimum of  1/10th of a coin per hour, and the more people you refer, the more Pi token you will earn per hour. The best part about Pi network mining is that you can only start mining with them through someones else’s referral link.

If you want to know more about who the Pi network is or want to sign up and start mining free crypto, you can do that by clicking on this link.

Claim 1 free Pi coin with my referral link


Bee Token – Free Crypto

Bee token

Bee token is another way of earning crypto for free. Bee’s token mining is the same as the Pi network, as mentioned above. To learn exactly what Bee is all about, you can visit their site to view the frequently asked questions or sign up now to start earning the free coins and then go find out what bee is all about. I did option two.

You can earn at the rate of .50 or 1/2 a coin per hour, and just like Pi network, the more people you refer, the more you can mine per hour. If you would like to download Bee coin and start mining free crypto, you can do so through the following link.

Get 1 free Bee token when you put in my referral name when you register.  My user name is  (  cliff529  )



Brave Browser – Free Crypto

Brave Browser

The brave browser has been around for a few years now. When you download and use the brave browser (instead of chrome or explorer ), you will get free B.A.T. (Basic Attention Token). You can also earn more BAT by watching advertising or becoming a content maker.

BAT is currently trading on the market, and at the time of writing this blog, the price is .75 cents, CAD. The brave browser is secure as google or explorer, so you don’t need to worry any more than you have to.

The Brave browser is one of my favourites to use. Other than chrome. If you want to try it out and start to earning free crypto, you can do so here.

*there is no affiliate program for brave*

Click the link and follow the instructions, and don’t forget to watch the tutorial



CryptoTab Browser – Free Bitcoin

Crypto tab browser

Crypto Tab Browser is another way of earning free crypto. It is similar to Brave browser, but instead of needing to use the browser and watch advertising to accumulate crypto, with Crypto Tab, you can be entered into a mining pool that mines Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the granddaddy of all crypto and, therefore, the most expensive coin on the market. In this browser, you will have to log on once every 3 hours to press the activation button to start the mining process. And with most other free cryptos that I have mentioned, if you want to earn more per hour, you can refer others to it to boost the hash rate (mining speed), or if you feel that you don’t want to refer others to it, you can purchase packages to make the hash rate faster. But keeping with the free method, you earn about 30 cents USD per day.

Now I know that 30 cents don’t seem like very much butter over the course of a year of mining for free that really adds up; plus, the cost of bitcoin is rising right now, and therefore so is the rate you will be earning. You can withdraw the bitcoin once you reach a threshold, and that gets withdrawn into a crypto wallet of your choice.

* want to know more about crypto wallets? Read my last post here*

The Best Crypto Hardware Wallet – Top 3 Wallet Reviews

Do you want to join the Crypto tab browser and start earning free bitcoin? Just click the link below and follow the instructions.


Good Dollar – Universal Basic Income


Good Dollar is a new project that aims to provide a universal basic income to this world’s people. Every day you can go to their website and claim your share of the revenue. Currently, it is 6G$. The good dollar will be a stable coin equal to the world’s currency (closest to the USD dollar), So eventually, every day, you will be claiming $6. Not bad for free, but I know what you are probably saying $6 bucks a day is nothing.

Well, for those living in a first-world country, $6 is low, but for those in a 3rd world country, $6 is what they make in a year. This company will be good for humanity by providing a universal basic income for everyone. You can now withdraw it into a wallet or trade it on a Facebook group market place for goods and services. Or send it to an exchange and sell it for other cryptocurrencies.

Good Dollar has a referral program that allows you to earn more coins by telling your friends about it. When you sign up through my referral link, you will get 50G$ just for signing up. When you refer others, you can get a 100G$ free bonus plus your daily income. If you want to earn more, you can reinvest that income into the ecosystem to produce more revenue for the world plus still get paid your daily income plus interest on your investment. ITs a win-win situation

Sign up now and get your free income and 50G$


What Are Airdrops?

Free Airdrops

Airdrops are one of the best ways to get free crypto. Every time a new crypto company comes to the market, they want to get their name out to people to raise awareness of their cryptocurrency (project). They post ads called airdrops. You get a certain amount of crypto for doing mini tasks like sharing their name on your social media channels; some give more crypto to you for different social platforms, so the more you have, the more crypto you can get.

Another way to get free crypto through airdrops is by holding specific cryptocurrencies in your wallet. One of the more recent airdrops was spark token; It was airdropped to all those holding onto XRP (ripple). It was delivered at a ratio of 1:1, so for every 1 XRP you had at the time of airdrop, you got 1 Spark token free.

The reason for the airdrops is two-fold—one to get the name of the new crypto out and two to help the adoption of digital money.

The following link is an airdrop. It won’t be around for very long. I will change out this link to a different airdrop every once in a while.

If you want to discover some drops of your own, a quick google search will turn up lots.

The current airdrop is with Chainge 

Alternately if you want to find your own airdrops the best app that I use is called *FreeAirdrop

Final Words about How To Get Free Crypto


As you can see, there are a few ways to earn crypto for free. The future is getting exciting; one day, we will all be wealthy and live life the way we always wanted.

Not worrying about where our next paycheck is coming from, not needing to check the price on a menu to see if we can afford it. Being able to travel the world or go to a good school.

Digital money is going mainstream right now, and it will not fall like it did in 2017. The world is adopting crypto for future payments. If you do a quick google search about crypto, you will find many articles about where we are going in terms of digital money.

If you want to learn how to create a passive income or more ways of making money online for free, please read my other blogs because that is what I like to write about. Helping people build multiple passive income streams so they can quit their 9 – 5 jobs and live the life of their dreams

Until next time here’s to your

Health Wealth and Happiness!!!

Clifford Wheatcroft

Generate Wealth Forever

4 Replies to “How To Get Free Crypto – Generate Wealth”

  1. I learned something new today. I never realized that bitcoin was invented by a single person, Satoshi Nakamoto to be exact. Also, thank you for helping me to understand cryptocurrency a bit better. I always feel that this is a bit beyond my understanding, as having virtual money is a new thing for all of us.

    With these apps that let you earn crypto for free, I can’t somehow stop wondering what is in it for them and how do they make their money then? Where does all the money come from to pay the miners?

    1. Hi glad you learned something from my post.

      To answer your questions the programs for free crypto are not actual companies they are programs that were made by coders. so the program doesn’t need to make money. Where do the coins come from that payout to those that redeem them? They come from the blocks within the chain. certain blockchains only have a certain amount of blocks to be opened and when that happens then there will no longer be any free coins for that particular project. You will only be able to retain them by buying them from other people/

  2. I have heard from the grapevines that Elon Musk has invested a lot of money on the cryptocurrencies so there is hope after all for me to make some money. Thanks for your reviews on all the platform on how to get free cryptocurrencies. I haven’t heard most of them and I would love to check them all out. Thanks so much for your amazing review on all of them! 

    1. Hey, Yes cryptocurrencies will be around for a long time coming. Elon Musk was the catalyst to world adoption. learn as much as you can about crypto. I will be writing more about it in the coming days and weeks. 

      I am glad that you learned something and please do sign up for the free ways to make free crypto. looking forward to seeing your name on my referral lists 

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