What Is The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange


What Is The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange


Welcome to my Binance Review.

Cryptocurrency is on the rise, and you hear that people are becoming rich just by buying cryptos. You have heard of them, but you “want to know the best cryptocurrency exchange” to buy and trade crypto on. In this blog post, I want to review my experience with the Binance exchange.

I have been trading cryptocurrency for the last 5 years, and I have been on Binance for just as long, So I have a pretty good idea of what to expect with his platform. So without further adieu, let’s get into it.


What Is The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange


There are many crypto exchanges on the internet, as for the best one. I really like Binance however, there are about 100 others out there, and as I haven’t been to them all, I know that Binance is the most traded platform out there.

However, you should be signing up for every exchange out there. Lots have bonuses for signing up.

But you’re welcome to look at some of the other exchanges that I have been to and traded in over the years.

  • Netcoins – Canadian platform same day deposit (sign up and get $10 free when you trade a minimum of $100)
  • Bitbuy – Canadian platform same day deposit
  • Houbi – Worldwide platform Get $170 for signing up and learning about crypto
  • kucoin – The other excellent exchange
  • Binance.us – Binance exchange only in the USA

The listed exchanges are good in their own way. Some trade different coins that you cant find on Binance; however, I have noticed that if it is a good project and the crypto has potential, you can find it on Binance, and if it is (what is referred to) as a Shit coin, then Binance doesn’t list it unless its DogeCoin… lol.

Binance Exchange



Binance is a huge platform but user friendly. You can do a lot on it, from depositing money into your financial account, trade crypto (buy and sell), Stake coins, leverage trades, buy ICO’s, store your crypto in a cold wallet, learn about crypto, get free crypto with airdrops, chat support, affiliate program, Nice looking charts with lines or candles, stop-loss orders, margin trades, low trading fees. The list goes on because it is the largest and most traded platform in the world.

Staking coins


When you buy crypto, and you will be holding it for a long time, instead of putting it in a wallet or leaving it in your spot wallet on the exchange, you can stake your coin and earn interest on it.

Staking in the crypto world means putting it in a savings account where it will earn you interest over a certain period of time. Unlike a bank’s savings account where they pay you a low-interest rate like .25% or less than 1%, Binance staking allows you to earn upwards of 20%, so while your holding, you can create a passive crypto income that you can withdraw trade or re-stake for compound interest.

It is completely free to stake your coins, but the catch is some staking is locked (can’t’ take the crypto until the set date of expiry, or you forfeit the interest). Some of them are flexible where you can take out your crypto at any time and keep the interest, but those accounts usually pay lower %, like 5% or 8%, as opposed to 15%. (not quoted numbers)

Binance Acadamy


If you are not knowledgeable about cryptocurrency and want to know more, Binance has a completely free academy. In there, you will find videos of different projects, crypto companies, news articles, How-To videos, plus many more in their huge library.

Even if you don’t know what a blockchain is or a stop loss, Binance academy will explain everything to you in the easiest way possible. And even know that Binance is located in china, the platform is in English.

Safepal WalletSafepal Crypto Hardware wallet


Binance has a hardware wallet where you can store your crypto for the long term, and it is a tangible product that you can purchase for a reasonable price. If you want detailed information about it, you can read my review on it here.

This article reviews the top three hardware wallets on the market, three price ranges, and options. Check it out so that you can make an informed decision.

The Best Crypto Hardware Wallet – Top 3 Wallet Reviews

Keeping your money on a hardware wallet is smart as it is kept offline where hackers can’t steal it from you. As for any crypto wallet, you will get a 12 or 24-word seed phrase. Always write it down and keep it in a well-protected place because if you ever lose your wallet or it breaks, then you can use that seed phrase to recover your crypto. and it goes without saying.


Safepal isn’t the only hardware wallet on the market, but it is one of the cheapest on the market today, and it can hold more crypto than the leading brands.

Save 10% On Your Trading Fees When You Sign Up


Binance has an affiliate program where you can share their awesomeness. I have signed up myself so that I can offer you a discount on your trading fees. When you sign up to Binance through my link, you will get 10% off on all your trading fees for life on Binance exchange.

Get 10% off your trading fees when you use my link to sign up *CLICK HERE*

When you sign up for Binance, I would suggest that you buy a couple of BNB tokens. It is Binance’s own token. When you hold BNB in your account, your fees are lower than if you didn’t have BNB tokens when you make a crypto trade.

Either way, trading fees are so low anyway that you hardly even notice that you are paying them.

Final Thoughts


Now you have learned about What Is The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange and what it has to offer, I really think that Binance is the best exchange. What do you think?

But with that being said, right now, at the time of writing this, since the world is currently adopting crypto, everyone wants to start trading, and because of this, Binance is backlogged with new users. So the sooner you sign up, the sooner you can get on a waiting list and start buying and trading cryptocurrency.

You can make a lot of money with crypto and become your own bank but remember that you need to keep your money safe and be cautious about who you tell how much currency you hold to become a target to a thief.

So until next time, I toast to your

Health, Wealth and Happiness!!!

Clifford Wheatcroft

Generate Wealth Forever

9 Replies to “What Is The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange – Binance Review”

  1. I really like your blog as I am very interested in building a passive income. Cryptocurrency is new for me. 

    I would like to use cryptocurrency, but I don’t really understand how cryptocurrency works so I decided to stay away from it. I’ve never heard about this platform too. I have book more focused on affiliate marketing to make passive income as I think that the rick is lower. Do you have any step by step newbie friendly cryprocurrency guide?  

    1. Hi, dream girl I just wrote a new article about how to earn free crypto. at the beginning of the article, I give a brief lesson on what crypto is and what a blockchain is. 

      Thanks for the comment

  2. Hi. I hear about cripto but I never make one account on some network, somen says that cripro is game on chance. This is now expansion and everyone want to get rich very fast.it is good that they have academy to learn people how to play by role. Do you have to have an initial stake and it is Binance worldwide? 

    1. Hello, First off thank you for the comment.

      Crypto isn’t a game of chance. Like with all investments you need to do your research. Once you find a good company and buy shares in it then it’s a calculated risk rather than a gamble. 

      Yes, you can get rich fast with it right now as the world is adopting digital money. Every day the market is moving up 20% or more. therefore the more money that you invest now the more you can get when the market goes up.

      Binance is worldwide. except in the USA but if you live there then you can use binance.us

  3. Hello there! This is an informative article! I’ve actually only recently been trading on the stock market and I have been hearing a lot about how popular it is. I thought of checking it out but I was not able to even find it on my trading platform. After reading your article, it makes sense that there is a platform specifically for trading cryptocurrency it seems. I am going to have to check out Binance in the near future.

    1. Hi thanks for the comment, Normal brokers for stock exchange don’t deal with crypto just yet. 

      You need to use a decentralized exchange to trade crypto. I would say click on my binance link and sign up for free now before they get backed up again. 

      Have a look through the site and get accustomed to it before you start trading on it. If you need help just ask me here as I have been using Binance for a few years and I am here to help and not scam. 

      Take care and to Your health wealth and happiness

  4. I found your article on the best cryptocurrency exchange informative.
    Reading your article, I learned staking coins earn the crypto holder up to 20% interest on their holdings and it is free to do so. It is very interesting to know there is a crypto knowledge base we can tap into to learn more about trading crypto. I had no idea there was such a thing as a hardware wallet and how can keep my crypto safe. The information about password strength and how to keep my password from being lost was invaluable. A 10% discount on my trading fees with Binance sounds like a good way to get started trading crypto.

  5. Hi There, 

    Thanks for writing this informative article about the Binance Exchange. They have been around for quite a while so the exchange is seasoned. However, I have a question regarding their acceptance of clients from the United States. I heard somewhere that they are doing a sweep and pushing for the user from the US to Binance US  instead. Can you confirm?

    Thank you again for this informative article.

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